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Produktnummer: 85021564
Huber Suhner

Installation Temperature max. 60°C
Operating Temperature min. -40°C
Attenuation Coefficient b max. 0.0065
Attenuation Coefficient b 0.0059
Attenuation Coefficient a 0.1051
Attenuation Coefficient a max. 0.1156
Calculated Power true
Centre Conductor Diameter 3.58mm
Centre Conductor Material Aluminium / Copper
Installation Temperature min. -20°C
Operating Temperature max. 85°C
Outer Conductor 2 Description Outer conductor
Outer Conductor 3 Description Outer conductor
Outer Conductor 4 Description Outer conductor
Screen Frequency max. 6GHz
Outer Cond1 Coverage 100%
Outer Conductor1 Diameter 9.55mm
Outer Conductor1 Material Aluminum / PES
Outer Cond2 Coverage 90%
Outer Conductor2 Diameter 10.36mm
Outer Conductor2 Material Copper, Tin plated
2002/96/EC (WEEE) no special marking needed
Class 1148
2006/1907/EC (REACH) compliant
2000/53/EC (ELV) compliant
Armoring 1 Description Armor
Armoring 2 Description Armor
Armoring 3 Description Armor
Armoring 4 Description Armor
Cable Category Flexible RF cable
Cable Family Spuma: Flexible, low-loss RF cables (LMR* alternatives)
Kabelgruppe - Kabel X31
Calc IL/Power up to Freq 17MHz
Capacitance 77.4pF/m
Centre Conductor Design Wire
CW Power 750W
CW Power Frequency 1GHz
Description 50 Ohm, 8 GHz, 85°C, ø12.78 mm, LSFH jacket, Flame retardant, Railway and CPR qualified
Dielectric Diameter 9.43mm
Dielectric Material SPE (Foamed Polyethylene)
Distribution txt LMR* alternative, 50 Ohm, 8 GHz, 85°C, ø12.78 mm, LSFH jacket, Flame retardant, Railway and CPR qualified
Fire Test a EN 60332-1-2
Fire Test b IEC 60332-3-24
Halogen Free true
Halogen Test IEC 60754
ID SPUMA_500-FR-01
Impedance 50Ohm
Impedance Tolerance ± 2Ohm
Insulation Resistance 1000000MOhm/m
Jacket Colour RAL 9005 - bk
Jacket Diameter 12.78mm
Jacket Material LSFH (modified polyethylene)
Jacket Tolerance 0.1mm
2011/65/EC (RoHS) compliant
Number of Screens 2
Only as Assembly false
Operating Frequency 8GHz
Operating Voltage 1.2kV
Outer Conductor1 Design longitudinal Foil
Outer Conductor2 Design Braid
Print on Jacket HUBER+SUHNER SPUMA 500-FR-01 50 Ohm Eca (production order number)
Propagation Velocity 86% of c
Repeated Bend Radius 130mm
Weight 17.8kg/100m
Screen Effectiveness 90dB
Signal Delay 3.87ns/m
Smoke Test EN 61034-2
Static Bend Radius 34mm
Test Voltage 2kV
UV Resistance Test ISO 4892-2A
OBJECT_ID 8674841
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