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RG 108 A/U

Produktnummer: 22510031
Huber Suhner

1st Dielectric Material PE (Polyethylene)
1st Centre Cond Design Strand-07
Installation Temperature max. 60°C
2nd Dielectric Material PE (Polyethylene)
2nd Centre Cond Design Strand-07
1st Dielectric Diameter 2
Operating Temperature min. -25°C
2nd Centre Cond. Material Copper, Tin plated
1st Centre Conductor Diameter 0.93mm
1st Centre Cond. Material Copper
2nd Centre Conductor Diameter 0.93mm
2nd Dielectric Diameter 2mm
Calculated Power false
Installation Temperature min. -20°C
Operating Temperature max. 85°C
Outer Conductor 2 Description Outer conductor
Outer Conductor 3 Description Outer conductor
Outer Conductor 4 Description Outer conductor
Outer Cond1 Coverage 88%
Outer Conductor1 Diameter 4.6mm
Outer Conductor1 Material Copper, Tin plated
Class 1148
2006/1907/EC (REACH) compliant
Armoring 1 Description Armor
Armoring 2 Description Armor
Armoring 3 Description Armor
Armoring 4 Description Armor
Cable Category Twinaxial cable
Cable Family RG: RG type RF cables
Kabelgruppe - Kabel V1
Calc IL/Power up to Freq 17MHz
Capacitance 65pF/m
Cold Bend Test n/a
Description RG108, 78 Ohm, 1 GHz, 85°C, ø6 mm, PVC jacket
Distribution txt Twinax, RG108, 78 Ohm, 1 GHz, 85°C, ø6 mm, PVC jacket
Halogen Free false
ID RG_108_A/U
Impedance 78Ohm
Impedance Tolerance ± 7Ohm
Insulation Resistance 100000000MOhm/m
Jacket Colour RAL 9005 - bk
Jacket Diameter 6mm
Jacket Material PVC II (low migration)
2011/65/EC (RoHS) compliant
Number of Screens 1
Only as Assembly false
Operating Frequency 1GHz
Operating Voltage 1kV
Outer Conductor1 Design Braid
Print on Jacket HUBER+SUHNER RG 108 A/U 78 Ohm (production order number)
Propagation Velocity 66% of c
Repeated Bend Radius 60mm
Weight 4.9kg/100m
Signal Delay 5ns/m
Static Bend Radius 30mm
Test Voltage 2kV
OBJECT_ID 7612693
Espen Johannessen
Business Area Manager Contract manufacturers and Wholesalers Vis telefon Vis e-post
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