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Produktnummer: 84095286
Huber Suhner

Min. mating cycles 1000
IL typ. ≤ 0.06
RoHS compliance true
Operation Temperature max. 85°C
Polishing 1 UPC
Tensile load 100N
IL 97% ≤ 0.15
UV resistance true
Features Push-pull mechanism for best handling and high packing density One-piece design for easy termination Short rigid length Switchable duplex connectors
Connector Type SM Premium
Weight 0.001kg
REACH true
Operation Temperature min. -45°C
Connector Family LC
Free of halogen true
Material Plastic
Colour housing Blue
Compliance IEC 61754-20, TIA 604-10-A
Return loss ≥ 50
Class 1839
Description LC connector, SM premium, UPC, blue
OBJECT_ID 8303565
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