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FCPC-FCPC-C100 (100)

Produktnummer: 22659263
Huber Suhner

Adapter FC, 1 nut fixed - 1 loose

Adaptor Family FCPC
Free of halogen 1
Features null
Color Metal
Adaptor Type PC (wide key)
REACH compliant 1
Weight 0.005 kg
Flange without flange
Min. mating cycles 1000
RoHS compliant 1
Flammability rating UL 94 V-0
Adaptor Type 2 UPC (wide key)
Operating temperature min. -40 °C
Tensile load 100 N
Specified acc. to IEC 61754-13, TIA 604-4-A
Operating temperature max. 85 °C
Material Metal
UV resistant 1
Class 1850
Description FC adaptor, SM, PC, wide key, metal, with loose and fixed nut
OBJECT_ID 8189351
Glenn Barmen
Business Area Manager Maritime Vis telefon Vis e-post
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