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65 SMA-50-0-1/111 NE

Produktnummer: 22640162
Huber Suhner

Frequency min. 3 10 GHz
Frequency min. 4 14 GHz
Frequency min. 2 4 GHz
Outer Contact Copper Beryllium Alloy
to Ambient Temperature 30 °C
VSWR4 1.25
Average Power 1 W
Centre Contact Plating Gold Plating (Nickel underplated)
VSWR3 1.15
VSWR2 1.1
Power Linearly Derated to N W
Outer Contact Plating Gold Plating (Nickel underplated)
Frequency min. Frame N GHz
VSWR Frame 1.25
Water and Dust Resistance IP68 (1 m, 24 h)
Type Number2 65_SMA-50-0-1/111_NH
Type Number1 65_SMA-50-0-1/111_NE
Packaging1 Single
Packaging2 Bulk 100 pcs
Peak Power 500 W
Frequency max. Frame 18 GHz
Weight 0.0033 kg
Nominal Impedance 1 50
Interface Standard1 IEC 60169-15_MIL-STD-348A/310_CECC 22110
Body Heat Sink Copper Beryllium Alloy
Return Loss4 19 dB
Return Loss2 26.4 dB
Return Loss3 23.12 dB
Centre Contact Copper Beryllium Alloy
Body Heat Sink Plating Gold Plating (Nickel underplated)
at Ambient Temperature 130 °C
Return Loss Frame 19.1 dB
Termination Description Standard Termination, Low Power
Coupling Nut Platin Gold Plating (Nickel underplated)
Frequency max. 4 18 GHz
Connector Gender 1 plug (male)
Insulator PFA / PTFE
Coupling Nut Bronze
2002/96/EC (WEEE) special marking needed
Class 1195
Connector Series 1 SMA
Frequency max. 2 10 GHz
Frequency max. 3 14 GHz
Frequency max. 1 4 GHz
Frequency min. 1 N GHz
ID 65_SMA-50-0-1/111_N
2011/65/EC (RoHS) compliant
Operating Temperature max. 130 °C
Operating Temperature min. -55 °C
Return Loss1 32.3 dB
VSWR1 1.05
OBJECT_ID 7138667