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3403.17.0049 Lynvern Fine Protector m/gas capsule

Produktnummer: 23037100
Huber Suhner

Gender Protected Side jack (female)
Thread M4
Side of Bulkhead protected side
Temperature Shock MIL-STD-202, Method 107, Cond. B
CW Power Frame 50W
Current Handling 8/20 30 single / 20 multiple
Vibration MIL-STD-202, Method 204, Cond. A
Weight 330g
IP Rating IP65
Connector Port 1 false
Insertion Loss Frame 0.5dB
Frequency min. Frame 650MHz
Residual Pulse Energy 6µJ
Description Port2 protected
Frequency max. Frame 2500MHz
Description Port1 unprotected
Center Contact Plating (Port 2) Gold Plating (without Nickel underplating)
Right Angle false
DC Current 3A
PIM 3rd Frame not specified
Center Contact (Port 1) Brass
Gender Unprotected Side plug (male)
DC Voltage 15V
Gas Tube Yes DC, GDT included
Center Contact (Port 2) Copper Beryllium Alloy
Return Loss Frame 20.8dB
Connector Port 2 false
Moisture Resistance MIL-STD-202, Method 106
Mounting Hole 119
Center Contact Plating (Port 1) Gold Plating (without Nickel underplating)
Highlight3 Broad-band design
Highlight2 DC continuity for remote powering
2002/96/EC special marking needed
Class 1217
2006/1907/EC (REACH) compliant
Housing Aluminium
RF Protector Description Fine protector hybrid technology
Housing Plating Chromatized
Highlight1 Replaceable GDT 9071.99.0548, (90 V) included
ID 3403.17.0049
Impedance 50
2011/65/EC compliant acc. Annex III
Number of Matings 500
Operating Temperature max. 85°C
Operating Temperature min. -40°C
OBJECT_ID 7139723
Min side