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33 N-716-50-51/---UE

Produktnummer: 22544123
Huber Suhner

Interface Standards (2) SUHNER-716
Outer Contact Brass, Brass
Centre Contact Plating SUCOPRO Plating, Silver Plating
Outer Contact Plating SUCOPLATE (R) Plating, SUCOPLATE (R) Plating
Body Plating SUCOPLATE (R) Plating, SUCOPLATE (R) Plating
Adaptor Configuration between series
Centre Contact Brass, Bronze
Weight 0.0235 kg
Body Brass, Brass
Coupling Nut Plating SUCOPLATE (R) Plating
External Remarks Operating specification acc. IEEE Std 287: temperature 13 °C to 33 °C
Connector Gender 1 plug (male)
Connector Gender 2 jack (female)
Insulator Air Dielectric - Bead - PPH, Air Dielectric - Bead - PPH
Coupling Nut Brass
Highlight2 Precision adaptor
2002/96/EC (WEEE) special marking needed
Class 1184
2000/53/EC (ELV) compliant
Connector Series 2 7/16-precision
Connector Series 1 N-precision
Connector Description Adaptor plug/jack
Gender plug/jack
Highlight1 For Test & Measurement applications
ID 33_N-716-50-51/-33_N
Impedance 50
Interface Frequency max. 7.5 GHz
Interface Standards IEC 60169-16_MIL-STD-348A/402_CECC 22210
Junction adaptor
2011/65/EC (RoHS) compliant
Mounting none
Number of Matings 500
Operating Temperature max. 70 °C
Operating Temperature min. -55 °C
Packaging Single
Type Number 33_N-716-50-51/-33_NE
OBJECT_ID 7137924