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Test & measurement

Test & measurement

We offer a wide selection of high-quality components adapted to the various needs in the field of test and measurement. Our products are distinguished by their high performance and stable characteristics - the result of years of experience in the development and production of radio frequency components.

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Bredengen delivers a wide range of test and measurement cables, from standardised measurement cables to specialty cables designed for measurement up to 67 GHz. The cables can be ordered in standard lengths or customised based on your needs.

Our portfolio also contains adapters, RF attenuators, terminators (dummy-loads), phase shifters, PIM components and DC protection, as well as other components needed in a test lab.

Our product selection includes: 

  • Test cables
  • Microwave cable assembly
  • Phase-stable cables and cable assemblies
  • Flexible microwave cables and assemblies
  • Cables for extreme performance
  • Mouldable cable assemblies
  • Minibend series
  • TVAC cable assemblies
  • Extremely flexible cables
  • RF cables (performance line)
  • RF cables (foam line)
  • Multicoax connectors
  • Precision connectors
  • Microminiature connectors
  • Board-to-board connectors
  • Adapters
  • Attenuators
  • Dummy-loads
  • Phase shifters
  • PIM components
  • DC protection