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Active Equipment

We represent a wide range of producers of active equipment for radio systems.

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Types of Active Equipment

We offer state of the art Distributed Antenna Systems for 4G/5G service from JMA Wireless TEKO DAS. With this system we can deliver all three of the pillars 5G promises; eMBB, mMTC and URLLC.

DAS focuses on delivering real mission critical solutions, setting the standard for performance, longevity and distribution efficiency.

Ubiquam’s UBiFiX™ solution empowers mobile operators in protecting and extracting the most out of their licensed spectrum by cancelling external interference at the input of a cellular base-station receiver. The solution is an add-on product; easily installed inline the fiber (CPRI) connecting the site BBU and the protected radio. The unit automatically acquires and tracks any non-cellular interference signals and cancels them by using multiple inputs received from the cellular site diversity / MIMO antennas.

Cancellation level of up to 40dB enables continuous high-quality base-station operation even under extreme interference conditions. The UBiFiX™ system is designed as a base-station simple add-on to minimize the integration process at operator’s site. The unit operates independently and autonomously without involving the protected receiver. The UBiFiX™ OPTiX™ indoor product can be deployed in any site architecture, for example DAS. This solution is extremely compact and flexible, incorporating four interference cancellation engines, as well as powering communication modules in a compact 2RU space.

Tx/Rx remote monitoring of a wide range of critical performance parameters, available in VHF, UHF and 700/800/900 MHz bands. Managed over SNMP.

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