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RF over Fiber

The market is evolving at a significant pace, and customers are requiring that new systems may quickly and easily be adapted and combined with various technologies. We offer excellent end-to-end hybrid solutions, and our RF-over-Fiber series enables the use of radio frequency and Fiber optics in one simple system.

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RF-over-Fiber series

RF-over-Fiber developments are driven by a philosophy of providing high density RF connectivity, while significantly reducing cable footprints. Our single mode, simplex and duplex systems are both flexible and perfect for harsh environments. Flexibility is achieved by providing customers with a wide range of options when it comes to interconnectivity, while the scalability of the systems enables an unlimited RF connectivity density.

The use of our other renowned components, such as RADOX and Q-ODC-12, ensures that the system can be deployed in any environment and with a significantly smaller cable footprint.

The standard RF-over-Fiber modules are available in 1, 6 and 12 ports and cover a wide frequency range of 1MHz to 40 GHz. The systems are capable of covering distances of up to 100km and are perfect for applications requiring secure, low loss, lightweight and high-density connectivity.

GPSoF modules are focused on distributing a single GPS signal into multiple receiver systems. This approach ensures that signal data, such as time synchronisation into separate yet connected systems, is always the same. Standard GPSoF systems include both single and multiport solutions and accommodate both L1 and L2 bands.

In addition to the GPSoF modules, we also provide a Time and Frequency Standard (TFS) module. This module uses 1PPS to ensure that time synchronisation is still possible in the event of a loss of GPS signal. The pulse is synchronised to the average of the GPS signal. The module also provides a 10MHz electrical output, which is used for reference signalling.

The small form factor of the GPSoF modules ensures that the systems are ideal for both static and dynamic applications, where space may be limited.

Direct GPS-over-Fiber is the world’s first 100% copper-free GNSS remote antenna eliminating the need for costly power infrastructure by Power-over-Fiber. The use of GPSoF addresses the power supply constraints of outdoor remote antenna applications by eliminating the need for external power to the antenna device. This is ideal for applications with limited power resources, such as roof installations. Additionally, the use of GPSoF saves time and money in environments that may be hindered by the installation of conductive cables, which is common when the power supply to installation areas is expanded.

With the use of multimedia continuing to increase within the operations landscape (from planning to de-briefing), our LAN-over-Fiber modules are focused on providing Gigabit connectivity within challenging environments.

The use of RADOX and Q-OD-12 components ensure that the exposed portions of the system remain functional within harsh environments, while the interconnect within a mobile structure (shelter or vehicle) remains robust and functional within environments exposed to, for example, intense vibration.

The standard LANoF modules are available in 1, 6 and 12 ports and can be easily integrated into existing network infrastructures. The LANoF system is particularly well suited to applications that require field LAN capabilities for data synchronisation, diagnostics, remote identification and software distribution.