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Fiber Cleaning

To ensure a stable and high-quality fiber optic network, thorough cleaning during patching and splicing is vital. Bredengen offers the tools you need to remove dust and debris from patch pannels, connectors, and fiber ends when splicing. 

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Cleaning Accessories

The MTP cleaning brush is used to remove unwanted debris from the alignment holes of an MTP female connector.


  • Robust metal pin
  • Dust cover

The Optipop R hand-held cleaner utilises an integrated cartridge of woven microfiber that can be wound-on each time a connector is cleaned. The unique, densely woven microfiber cloth provides superior cleaning performance while minimising static charge. This prevents the end-face from immediately being re-contaminated with airborne contaminants.


  • Suitable for MTP and LC connectors
  • Integrated cartridge for easy handling
  • Densely woven, non-static microfibers
  • Trigger mechanism for winding-on
  • Automatically seals after each clean
  • Easy to install replacement reels
  • 400+ cleanings per reel
  • Robust cloth does not fray or leave fibrous debris

The IBC brand cleaning tools are designed to clean ferrules residing insid an adapter, faceplate or bulkhead. The cleaning tools are simple to use and highly effective at removing oil and dust contaminants. Alternatively, the IBC cleaner can be used to clean unmated connectors by using a different fitting on the front of the nozzle.


  • Suitable for male and female MTP connectors
  • 600+ cleanings per tool
  • Cloth made from densely woven microfibers
  • Cleaning cloth is washed and debris-free
  • Adapter tip supplied for cleaning unmated connectors
  • Allows through-coupler cleaning for rear of panel connections

Rapstrap features:

  • Flexible and extremely strong
  • Moulded plastic creates no debris
  • Reduces chance of cable jacket damage or fiber micro/macro-bending
  • Re-useable (simply cut with scissors)
  • Suitable for fiber cables and patchcords
  • Black colour
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