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Small Cells

Small Cells

The growing number of smart mobile devices is challenging the capacity of wireless networks. The most efficient technique to increase capacity is to re-use frequency by installing significantly more cell sites.

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The advantages of small cells

The use of small cells – cell sites with low power and short range – is a cost-effective way to densify the mobile network, and thus increase capacity and improve coverage. This can be done for example in sports stadiums, city streets, airports, malls, and other places that are difficult to reach using traditional macro cells.


Complete product packages for small cells

We supply leading solutions for connectivity to cell sites as well as solutions customised to small cell deployments. These consist of fiber optic cable systems that enable chain connection of radio heads, which simplifies the network architecture, delivery and operation of the mobile network. Our product portfolio is complimented by:

  • RF jumper cables

  • MIMO antennas

  • Cable assembly solutions

  • Robust connectors

  • Components with low PIM

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