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Radiocommunication in tunnels

Radiocommunication in tunnels

Bredengen supplies a comprehensive passive infrastructure portfolio that ensures full radio coverage in tunnels.

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Radiating cables used in DAB, TETRA and mobile network 

We supply radiating cables/coaxial antennas for tunnels optimised for use in DAB (TETRA 390 MHz), TETRA/secure emergency communication networks (TETRA 390 MHz) and mobile networks (3G/4G). Nowadays, authorities almost always use a low loss radiating cable for emergency networks, typically ≤60 dB. This means that a Radiating-Mode cable can be used up to 1GHz with resonant frequencies. Additionally, some radiating cables can be used up to 2.7 GHz, and Radiating Wave Guides are usable up to 5-6 GHz.

Radiating cable clamps

Our product portfolio contains radiating cable clamps suitable for a wide range of cable ladders, as well as solutions for wire, concrete, and rock walls. 

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