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Offshore wind industry

Offshore wind industry

The offshore wind industry has great potential as a renewable energy source; not only is the wind stronger and more even than on land, but it is also possible to build larger turbines that are less disruptive to local environments.

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While offshore wind is cheaper per MWh than conventional wind power, it is more challenging to build and run turbines offshore than on land. Corrosion, erosion, material fatigue, lightning strikes and biofouling are just some of the challenges faced during the construction of offshore wind turbines.

To make offshore wind commercially profitable, construction and operating costs must be kept as low as possible. This requires effective solutions that are easy to install and maintain, with a long service life and that allow the greatest possible degree of automation.

Bredengen supplies a range of solutions for offshore wind that are adapted and approved for maritime environments, such as power cables, signal and fiber cables for control systems and electronics, RF cables, antennas, EMP protection and equipment for wireless communication between turbines and control centres. We also offer complete solutions for private 4G/5G for use in the management and maintenance of wind turbines.

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