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Linden Photonics is an American producer of specialty cables for use in extreme environments, from space, nuclear power, and deep oceans to guided missiles.

Linden's broad range of fiber optic, hybrid & copper cables is optimized for use in harsh applications requiring a rugged, durable cable. Linden cables have been used from the deepest depths of the ocean, on land, in the air (drones and aerostats) and outer space (radars, satellites). 

Linden's STFOC (Strong Tether Fiber Optic Cable) cables are available for a variety of underwater uses from munitions tethers to ROV controls to littoral water sensing. Rugged exterior, lightweight design and long continuous lengths give us an edge over competing cables. STFOC uses our patented cable jacket construction (LCP - Liquid Crystal Polymer) to protect the fiber in the harsh subsea environment. Non-kink STFOC has a patented design to protect your fiber from the dangers of hockling. Custom configurations available. 

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