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Command and control solutions

Command and control solutions

The majority of command and control centres are located within mobile shelters or bunker infrastructures and must comply with MIL-STD-188 (or equivalent) shielding specifications.

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Our EMP protector designs (data line and coaxial cables) offer bulkhead feedthrough solutions that guarantee high, long-term screening effectiveness and provide the lowest transfer impedance to protect any sensitive equipment.

Our RF-over-Fiber system provides a significant advantage in terms of safety, overall screening effectiveness and ease of installation. In addition to the RF-over-Fiber solution, we provide all additional connectivity solutions within a shelter. By using fiber optic cables within a traditional radiofrequency or datalink (Ethernet) system, it is possible to position the shelters further from the antennas without sacrificing loss or signal data integrity.


Industry Requirements:

  • High, long-term screening effectiveness
  • Immunity against EMI, EMP



  • Mobile shelters
  • Bunkers
  • Transport vehicles
  • Jamming
  • Satcom

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