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Thanks to its resistance to electromagnetic exposure, effective electric isolation, and unparalleled bandwidth is fiber optic technology ideal for use in the energy sector.

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Bredengen represents many market-leading suppliers and offers a wide selection of fiber optic systems suited to the energy sector. We deliver everything from communication lines designed for harsh and challenging environments to traditional, structured cable systems. Our products have a modular plug-and-play approach that ensures maximum cost effectiveness for installation, operation and maintenance.

Our latest special communication products guarantee resilient and reliable connectivity, from base network infrastructures to mobile vehicle fleets or fixed installations – even in the harshest environmental conditions. With a complete offering of antennas, cablings and components, upgrades are made affordable and efficient to secure energy supply networks, streamline operations and simplify maintenance. Harnessing integrated technology, this customised solution grows with you, facilitating operator expansions today and in the future.