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Clamps & Fastenings

We offer a large selection of clamps and fastenings that are well-suited to most cables and structures. FIMO cable clamps can meet any installation requirement with one specific solution and ensure easy and time-saving fastenings. Bredengen delivers a complete selection of FIMO products for fastening, grounding, and sealing of cables and tubes.

Our experienced specialists can help you find cable clamps and accessories that are best suited to your needs.

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Quick and easy installation (saves up to 80% of time spent). Temperature range -30°C to +120°C. The patented solution guarantees high load capacity. High quality material allows installation all year round, even in conditions of frost. UV-resistant material for various applications, especially outdoors. Saddles in the coax cable mounts are calibrated to avoid damage to the cable.

FIMO cable clamps are suitable for making several fastening points on all kinds of structures. FIMO special clamps are combined solutions for power and fiber optic cables. Our clamps fit most cables and structures, and we can also supply specially adapted versions. Today we mainly supply cable clamps to the telecom and transport industries.

A cable clamp must fit both the cable and the structure it is mounted to, thus the combination of different cables and structures requires a large selection of clamps. Our supplier FIMO’s wide range of cable clamp products and accessories can meet any installation requirement with one specific solution. FIMO has more than 5000 products in their portfolio.