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Maritime Industry

Maritime Industry

Maritime Industry

The challenging environments of maritime and offshore industries lead to extraordinary requirements for equipment. Bredengen is a leading supplier of specially adapted technical solutions to meet the demands of these industries.

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Customised equipment for the maritime industry

Industrial and offshore facilities are often accessible only under difficult conditions that require an extreme level of resources in terms of installation, removal, adjustment, or emergency maintenance.

Thanks to customised and effective product solutions, even personnel with limited training can install and maintain the systems. A world-class surface treatment and good technical solutions make our products resistant to corrosion and other environmental impacts, such as high temperatures, oil, chemicals, and UV radiation. In addition to flexible design and longer lifetime, our products can also provide maximum resistance to interference, absolute electrical isolation between all on-site communication groups to easily integrate into the physical and environmental conditions of heavy industrial applications.


Our product selection includes:

  • Complete communication solutions for VHF/UHF/2G/4G/5G
  • GPS/Glonass and Galileo systems for secure transfer of location data or clock synchronisation
  • Ruggedised pre-terminated fiber solutions
  • Phase-matched cables and components for flow measurement
  • High temperature cables for measuring ship engines and control systems
  • Cable systems for level measurement systems using radar technology
  • Data centre, control panels, and control rooms for offshore and onshore facilities
  • RF and fiber with Radox® jackets for challenging environments


Who do we deliver maritime equipment to?

Bredengen supplies quality-tested equipment to a wide range of companies operating in the oil and gas industry, the shipping industry, offshore wind projects and the aquaculture industry.

Our specialists have worked on a number of high-profile projects in the maritime industry. Among others, we have contributed to the development and expansion of Aasta Hansten, Mariner, Gina Krogh, and Johan Sverdrup, where we supplied RF cables, RF components and fiber optic products customised for offshore installations.  

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Our certifications and qualifications:

40 dB Attenuator, DC-4000, -120dBc, 15W, 4.3-10f-m

SKU: 78714085
1-Port Omni Cylindrical 698-4000 (SISO) 4.3-10f

SKU: 78712045
20dB Attenuator, 698-4000MHz, -160dBc, 50W, 4.3-10f/m

SKU: 78712044
1-Port Omni Cubical 698-4000 (SISO) 4.3-10f

SKU: 78712043
1-Port Omni 380-6000 (SISO) 4.3-10f

SKU: 78712041
1-Port Slim Omni 380-4000 (SISO) 4.3-10f

SKU: 78712038
2-Port Ultra-Thin Omni 698-6000 (MIMO) 4.3-10f

SKU: 78712036
1-Port Slim Omni 698-4000 (SISO) 4.3-10f

SKU: 78712035
2-Port Slim Omni 698-4000 (MIMO) 4.3-10f

SKU: 78712034
1-Port Card Omni 698-4000 (SISO) 4.3-10f

SKU: 78712033
2-Port Card Omni 698-4000 (MIMO) 4.3-10f

SKU: 78712032
1-Port Omni 698-4000 (SISO) 4.3-10f

SKU: 78712031
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