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For over 30 years, our supplier Huber+Suhner has been designing and manufacturing best-in-class microwave solutions and fiber optic technologies offering outstanding performance in space flight, ground station communication, launch operations and commercial aviation.

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We are proud to offer best-in-class products for a wide range of applications ranging from low earth orbit (LEO) to geostationary (GEO) orbit, as well as manned missions and interplanetary unmanned vehicles. Our optical solutions serve as the photonic building blocks for both ground and airborne applications. 


Reliable equipment for the aviation industry 

The aviation industry has high requirements for stability and function. We supply reliable products ensuring high precision and performance for all types of climates and environments. Among other things, our product portfolio contains: 

  • Phase matched RF cables and connectors 

  • Pre-terminated cable solutions 

  • Field assembled cable systems  

  • Corrugated low-loss cables 

  • Teflon cables 

  • EMP, lightning and surge protection for exposed equipment  

  • Test and measurement equipment 


Warehouse and logistics services 

Bredengen offers warehouse and logistics services when needed. This ensures that equipment critical to production can be stored in local warehouses, and that you maintain all requirements for technical documentation. 

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Space flight

Our portfolio is made up of state-of-the-art microwave components and aerospace-grade products. In addition to our expertise on the subject, we offer patented, unrivalled connector termination technology that ensures reliable performance in even the most extreme environments. 

Ground testing

Bredengen is a “one-stop shop” for customers searching for low and high-power solutions. We offer an extensive range of TVAC components, from test cable assemblies and hermetic feed-throughs for thermal vacuum chambers, to precision adapters for laboratories and clean rooms. Our RF-over-Fiber connectivity solutions radically minimize losses over longer cable runs, serving as the backbone for lab automation. 

Ground station

Ground station communication topologies mingle RF and FO technologies. Whether you’re looking for low-loss, dynamic, high-density RF interconnectivity solutions, RF-over-Fiber, all-optical switches, laser communications, optical transport solutions or fiber management, Bredengen offers everything you need in an end-to-end connectivity link. 

Commercial aviation

Connectivity themes are on the cusp of a revolution in civil aviation. In-flight connectivity promises equivalent connectivity performance as at home, while in-flight entertainment, fly-by-wire and even fly-by-light are becoming mainstream. We offer a wide range of passive components such as in-cabin WiFi antennas, cables, connectors, cable systems, and optical communication components to ensure stable and fast connections at any altitude. 

Advanced air mobility

The speed of innovation has never been more apparent than in the rapid evolution of advanced air mobility. The reality of urban flight utilizing fully electrically powered, highly automated aircraft to carry passengers or cargo at lower altitudes is fast approaching. Our suppliers are at the forefront of the air travel evolution, leveraging their heritage in space and commercial aviation, and providing interconnectivity solutions for signal cabling and distribution, telemetry, high power/megawatt charging, and power cabling. 

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