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Reliable equipment for the air force

Reliable equipment for the air force

Reliable equipment for the air force

Planes require electrical and electronic systems of superior quality. With the possibility for extreme changes in environment and load factors up to 10 g, it is essential that cables and connectors are reliable and functional at all times.

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Bredengen and our suppliers have years of experience with development, production and qualification of cables, connectors and cable systems designed for use in airborne applications, such as fighter jets and helicopters. Our solutions are used in many systems around the globe and have proven to be reliable and meet the toughest requirements.


Industry requirements:

  • Ultra-low weight and ruggedised solutions
  • Small form factor, minimal bend radius (bend-to-the-end)


  • Fighter jets
  • Helicopters
  • UAV
  • High altitude airship/aircraft
  • Radars
  • Missiles

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Our certifications and qualifications: 

EUROFIGHTER, MIG platforms, C130, E2C-ESM, EA6B, F15, F16, F1, F22, F35, IDECM/ALE-SS, JSTARS, Predator, Tornado, Global Hawk, EP-3, HH-6OG


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