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What is 5G?

What is 5G?

In short, 5G is the mobile network of the future. 5G will provide far better opportunities to create dedicated mobile network solutions for the corporate market. It will also ensure higher data speed, increased bandwidth, and significantly lower delays for everyone.

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What 5G means for the private market:

  • Improved mobile broadband
  • Wireless alternative to wired network


What 5G means for the corporate market:

  • Computer-to-computer communication, also known as “internet of things” (IoT)
  • Ultra-reliable communication with little delay, which in the future can replace current wired control systems for industry and process


5G will also make it possible to divide the network using so-called disk sharing. The network can then be specially adapted to a company or organisation with their own requirements for communication.

Bredengen also offers complete private network solutions including cell sites, radio equipment and network components.

New and improved infrastructure is required to make 5G a reality. In Norway, this development is already well underway, and there are currently three mobile companies that have secured 5G frequencies: ICE, Telia and Telenor. Bredengen has been a supplier involved in the development of previous mobile networks in Norway, and we are also actively supplying equipment to the development of the 5G network.


Our 5G solutions

We deliver network infrastructure that supports the development and expansion of 5G in Norway. Our overall goal is to simplify – and thus reduce – the costs of distribution, development and maintenance of the network.

Our solutions support the build-up of central locations such as C-RAN sites, remote radio installations, indoor and outdoor small cells as well as indoor and outdoor distributed antenna systems. But we also deliver solutions that increase capacity or make the physical optical layer reconfigurable.

We believe 5G is the key to further digitalisation and an easier everyday life for us all – that is why we are actively contributing as a supplier to the development of 5G networks in Norway.

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FLEXIBLE SINGLE CORE WIRE, 600/1000 V AC, 266x0.40

11 N-50-9-9/033_-E

H+S N Male for HighFlex 1/2

9071.99.0547 (73_Z-0-0-547, GDT 230V)

Gasskapsel for lynvern, 230V

OX A4/SAC 1X14+1X7/3


OX A4/SAC 1X14+1X7/3


OX C 3x22


OX C 3x22


OX C 3x22